[Thoughts] 2022, Now What?

Phew! Another year ends meaning another survival on *chuckle*.

I don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve. I have never felt NYE to be something worth celebrating. Menurut saya, pergantian tahun cuma sebatas a blink of eyes. Beda satu detik sudah beda tahun. Isn’t December 31 to January 1 or Friday to Saturday just like some other day?

Chill, not trying to be bitter right here. At least, not now 😄.

Frankly speaking, it scares me knowing the fact that, none of us really knows whether 2022 will be on our side or not. No one knows exactly what the future has in store. Tapi, manusia memang didesain untuk berharap. We are hopeful creatures and it, The Hope, keep us going everyday. So, I get it if people do this little celebrations and fill them with joy, in the hope that there will be a “miracle” to help them deal with whatever life throws a year ahead.

I hope whatever comes knocking on our door, we will learn to accept and embrace it. Be patience enough and tawakkul (tawakal) if it doesn’t match our expectations.

Apapun rencana teman-teman di 2022, satu yang pasti, don’t be like Nobita.

Resolusi tahun baru oleh Nobita


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