[Journey] A Letter To Our Cats

Henlo Jacky, Jason, Esme, how are you?

I miss you.

We miss you.

Oh, are you happy up there? I’m sure you are. You guys must be playing rope in big cardboard everyday, eating delicious kibbles, crossing the rainbow bridge with some fur friends, purr-ing all day long, must be so much fun! I’m sooo happy if you do, guys. We are happy.

Don’t worry, I’m okay here.

We are okay.

Through this letter, let me say something because I didn’t have a chance to say this at your last moment in this world. I’m sorry we didn’t have a chance.

Thank you …

for leaving scratch marks on our sofa because they’re real proof you guys used to be here,

for kicking your cat bowls when they’re empty because it always made me laugh,

for constantly meowing when you need attention because your litter box was full, it was so funny seeing you guys like that,

for scratching our bedroom door at 4 a.m because apart from being hungry, you must have woken us up for Fajr prayer, right?

Thank you for making our bright life brighter.

I miss being bothered by you, guys.

We miss being bothered by you.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you were suffering because of Panleu.

We are sorry. We truly are. For everything.

Oh, by the way, your momma is okay down here.

She is getting prettier.

She is getting fatter.

Come visit us sometime, please?

I’m waiting here.

We are waiting.

See you when I see you.

Jacky, Jason, Esme, died because of Panleukopenia

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